Hi, my name is Pascal Luginbuehl

I am an FPV Multicopter enthusiast and creator of this website.

The primary goal of this blog is, to share my help improve and help others in this hobby, by sharing information and experiences with the interwebs.

I am currently in an Apprenticeship as Web Developer at Siemens Building Technologies
In my free time, I do other things like:

  • Being Batman

  • FPV Drone Racing
  • Hacking / Making
  • Web Development


FPV Drone racing (obvious?)

Tech of all sorts

Programming, especially JavaScript related


ICT Skills 2017 - Web Design (6th Place)

Swiss Skills 2018 - Web Design & Development (6th Place)

This webpage

(for the nerds that care)

Built with:

  • Reactjs
  • Material UI
  • Gatsby (Static generated Website)
  • Hosten by Netlify

The goal was to acheive a score of 100 in the lighthouse tests (which I did :))
PS: Pls, send help, need gud design


Thanks to Leonard Schuetz @KCreate for contributing to this webpage.

Affiliate / Advertising Disclaimer

Support me :)

This website contains advertisements and affiliate links for products. It is free to click such a link, and I'll get a small commission for your next purchase. It would mean a lot to me and help pay for my FPV addiction.

About Pascal Luginbuehl
  • FPV Drone Racing

  • Hacker / Maker

  • Web Developer

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